I have come to understand the arts as being integral to a healthy society. Not only does art making provide an avenue for sense making and connecting with the greater world, it enables endless growth opportunities which impart artists with enduring resilience.

Old tropes about artists being poor and unstable are not serving our kids. The arts can enrich your child's life with dynamic, colorful complexity. Taking time to undergo the nuances of creative process gives students skills which can be applied across disciplines. In other words, art processes fundamentally support other subject areas and the ability to learn itself. 

Art plays a unique role with its ability to light children up and bring out their best. With proper guidance from a supportive facilitator, kids learn to get through stressful moments, blocks, and skill gaps without having to collapse. When collapse does happen, there are ways to center and move forward. 


I love witnessing a child excited and surprised by something they have created. My own art practice is rooted in lifelong experiences with drawing, painting, sculpting, and writing poetry. I enjoy discovering new ways to free my creativity without the burdens of performing for conventional standards. My teaching experience is strengthened by over 6 years of working with more than 1,000 students ages 5-12. I have completed a BA in Contemplative Psychology, a Master of Arts in Teaching, a certificate in Visual Arts, and am currently enrolled in an MFA program for Interdisciplinary Arts informed by a decolonial art praxis.

What inspires me to create is the precious brevity of life, nature, spirit, and play.