One-on-One Training for Young Artists: Sign-up while there's still room!

Parents of Young Artists,

Is your child relying heavily on technology to pass the time?

Are they unsure how to pursue what genuinely interests them?

Is fear of failure or excess criticism interfering with their creative passion?

Do they struggle to focus and instead succumb to boredom?



In many classrooms, teachers are overwhelmed and kids are struggling to keep up with demands. Group classes can be rushed, chaotic, and overwhelming to a child’s senses. Kids who don’t understand instructions are often left behind. A shut-down child cannot learn effectively. Misinformed teachers assume their students lack talent and unwittingly deter kids from pursuing art.


Gift your child with the caring attention and guidance they need to thrive! Help them cultivate mental and perceptual acuity in a safe, supportive and engaging environment. Art making utilizes many areas of the brain, promoting healthy neuronal growth and wiring kids to be more adept at complex tasks. You can improve their success inside the classroom and out by signing them up for personalized training in Fine Art.


Natasha is dedicated to improving children's lives through mentorship and inspirational art education. Natasha is a professional artist, art teacher, and Air Force Veteran located in Fallbrook, CA. She holds degrees in Psychology, Health Sciences and attained a Certificate in Visual Arts.


In her 2 and 4-month private art instruction programs, students will learn fundamental techniques and principles of design that can be used long after sessions have ended. They will practice important skills such as critical thinking, hand-eye coordination, concentration, project management, and accurate perception. Your child will become more resilient and empowered in their creative process!


In class, students will utilize a variety of wet and dry mediums to draw and paint from photographs, books and still life.

Preserve and grow your child's love for art with engaging one-on-one classes! If you have a young artist between the ages of 6 and 13 and would like to set up an introductory lesson to ensure we are a good fit, send an email to Contact Natasha to schedule a free phone consultation today!




Package 1

For $450 - 8 total classes (2 months) + 1 high-res scan file of child's favorite 11x17 or smaller artwork,

ready to print for family and friends AND high-quality photos of your child making art!

For $850 ($50 Savings)- 16 total classes (4 months) Recieve all of the above + 1 additional scan.


Package 2

For $480 - 8 total classes + 2 canvas painting projects + optional hands-on wire-hanger installation workshop

+ 1 high-res scan AND quality photos of your child making art! 

For $900 ($60 Savings) - 16 total classes (4 months) Recieve all of the above + 7 piece Loew Cornell

paint brush set + 1 additional scan.


~All materials are included. Attend class with a friend or sibling and receive a discount! (max 2 students per class)~




**If you are interested in sponsoring a student by covering some or all of their class costs, please get in touch! You can also email Natasha to discuss affordability options for your family at**


"I hired Natasha to provide in-home private art tutoring to my 7-year-old daughter. My daughter had been pleading for art lessons and having a tutor once a week was a nice way to accomplish this.


I asked Natasha to keep it fun, but also to deliver solid fundamentals and age-appropriate theory and techniques. Natasha delivered exactly what we needed: my daughter was interested, engaged, and felt so special to have 'her own art teacher.' 


I was very pleased with Natasha's preparation, organization, and her calm, soothing demeanor with my kids. They are spirited, but Natasha never let that trouble her as far as I could tell.


My daughter completed a 'graduation' project of a watercolor of a landscape she picked out from a book. Thanks to Natasha's careful guidance, it turned out so nicely and gave my daughter such a feeling of pride and accomplishment.


I think Natasha has a gift for helping children approach the creative process intentionally, building up their knowledge of theory and technique, but always with an eye toward keeping it fun and age-appropriate.


I highly recommend Natasha as a tutor/teacher for aspiring young artists."

~Zoey's Dad