One-on-One Mentoring

With full presence, I guide young artists through aspects of the creative process and assist them with learning specific art techniques. 


My goal is to use the experience of art making as a tool for the growth and development of resilient, kind human beings. I offer a broad repertoire of wisdom rooted in years of teaching practice with children in K-6.


Children need art now more than ever. In times of uncertainty, keeping our creative center active is critical for adapting to frequently changing conditions. 
For more information, please email me at

Creative Community

for Kids

Community improves quality of life. I intend to uplift isolated youth by providing a safe community space in which they can joyfully  explore creative activities with peers.

If your child has a group of friends they would like to initiate a creative community with, email me at

Each meeting will have a focal point which considers the interests of the children, while also diving into specific aspects of the creative process. 

During our time together, we will learn how to access our inspired ideas, support one another, and create with resilient flexibility.

Adult Classes--

A Creative Alliance

If you are looking for an ally in your creative process--to serve as a witness to your artistic unfolding, provide support, and share an array of skills and insights--consider working with me one-on-one. 

When it comes to art-making, I place your personal values at a higher importance than the creative product. Therefore, if you have a sense of what is meaningful for you to experience through the process of creation, I will assist to facilitate that experience.


My areas of experience are visual arts such as drawing, painting, and mixed or 3D media. For those interested in technique, I am likely best suited for beginning and intermediate artists. Contact me at to see if we would make a good team!