A few words from parents and adult painters!

"Natasha delivered exactly what we needed: my daughter was interested, engaged, and felt so special to have 'her own art teacher.' I was very pleased with Natasha's preparation, organization, and her calm, soothing demeanor with my kids. 

I think Natasha has a gift for helping children approach the creative process intentionally, building up their knowledge of theory and technique, but always with an eye toward keeping it fun and age-appropriate."


 ​"Natasha was friendly, easy to follow and very talented."



"I had a fantastic time. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and completely lost myself in the painting. It was exactly what I needed. Natasha was a great instructor and really engaged me thoroughly."



"Natasha paced her instruction well giving opportunities for direct observation of our work with specific praise and encouragement. Relaxed and nurturing."



"Natasha is able to both push our daughter and gently guide her, while at the same time, reassuring her and giving her the confidence to thrive. Her artwork has come leaps and bounds in such a short amount of time, and the weekly class strikes a perfect balance between school and other extracurricular. She is able to retain the instruction without becoming overwhelmed, consistently. The day that Natasha comes to teach has quickly become our little girl’s favorite day of the week.

The pride our daughter exhibits after a class and the completion of a piece, is comparable to nothing else. We are so very grateful that we have found such a treasure within our community. Natasha has given our child a knowledge and appreciation that she will take with her for the rest of her life. It is with such great pleasure that we recommend Natasha Terry to you and your family and have no doubt that she will help your child dive into and build a love for, the world of art."

"Natasha was excellent! Encouraging, clear instructions, engaging."

"Natasha was very patient and gave good guidance."

"At the beginning, I felt I could not keep up, but whenever I had a question, Natasha helped me with it! So, at the end, I really didn't feel pressured and had time to finish and personalize my project."

"I noticed right away that Natasha's personality was a great fit for our daughter, because she respected her process, and knew how to offer guidance and teach without causing her to feel burdened and discouraged by adult directive. I think this ability is an art form in and of itself! Natasha has that 'special something' people need to really connect with children as individuals, and develop genuine rapport.

So far, Natasha has already taught fundamental skills, such as using a grid technique, sketching, shading, composition, understanding a color wheel, mixing colors, painting techniques, and working with various mediums. She provides all of the art supplies, and creates a mobile art studio at the kitchen table!  Natasha works alongside throughout the entire lesson using another easel, and models what she is teaching. Her approach is so effective. Natasha is helping our daughter build a strong foundation as an artist, and I've noticed she feels more confident, capable, and satisfied with what she creates. Thank you Natasha!"

"Natasha, you are a great, fun instructor. Thank you for a fabulous night."

"Love it that you keep it real! Was nice to see you make mistakes too."



"Natasha is hilarious."